Technology is revolutionizing the education paradigm faster than any other profession in our society. Teachers are changing their techniques and craft, and students are learning to navigate a world in which the information highway and unlimited learning is at the stroke of a key within seconds. We must prepare students for the future, not the past.

FCCPS began a journey in 2011-2012 to have a renewed focus on student learning that would harness the power of global education while accessing enhanced technologies to prepare our students for the world in which they will work and live. The division infrastructure technology team was charged with the task to upgrade all aspects of infrastructure in FCCPS. In the past 24 months the team has prepared FCCPS for this new plan by enhancing wireless, virtualization, streamlined processed, and all aspects of technology architecture in the division.

There are five key components which have provided direction for this plan:

  1. A formal Information Technology Assessment performed by LBL Technology Partners completed in February 2011.

  2. A formal Information Technology Efficiency Assessment performed by Gibson Consulting Group completed in December, 2013.

  3. Advisement from a local Infrastructure Advisory Panel consisting of experts in the field from in an around Washington, DC. 2013-2014

  4. A community Technology Advisory Committee comprised of parents, community, teachers, district level IT staff, building administrators, and division level administration. 2013-2014

  5. Consultants from the field to guide instructional best practice and implementation: Dell, Apple, INACOL, ISTE, Google, VSTE, and prominent technology integrators in the field.

The FCCPS Instructional Technology Plan is a living document. More updates to come.