Changes to Parent Access to  Schoology

As reported in The Tiger Times published on November 10, 2020...

In preparation for our Hybrid opening, we need to adjust the way we are currently utilizing Schoology with parents. This necessary change will help us maintain a safe learning environment for all students by limiting access to Schoology Conferences (Live and Recorded Lessons) during hybrid learning. We are in a great position to make this shift now that all students can log into Schoology with their student accounts.

As we begin our hybrid, all parents will be unenrolled from their child’s classes that will use Schoology Conferences to Live Stream their classroom instruction. Parents will still be able to navigate to all classes their child is enrolled in and still receive email notifications. We feel that this will improve how parents can access class information while making improvements on how parents receive email notifications.

 Please review the following video on how this necessary change will affect how you navigate Schoology and how to control your email notifications. 

Video (via web browser) (11:32 minutes) - 
he section on Notifications begins at 6:26
The directions for setting specific notifications you receive in your Parent Account Settings begins at 10:26

Video (via Schoology App) (5:18 minutes) -

If you need Schoology account support, please contact - Steven Knight (  

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