If your Tiger will be absent, we ask that you email the classroom teacher and the Attendance Secretary at AttendanceTJ@fccps.org with the reason for the absence. Include your student's name, grade, and teacher's name.

If your child is sick, please include as many specific details as possible including symptoms such as fever, sore throat, headache, vomiting, diarrhea.

If your child has seen a doctor, please leave the specific diagnosis such as strep throat or pink eye.

You can also call or leave a message at 703-992-0444. If you do not notify the school, the Attendance Secretary or Powerschool will call to confirm your child's absence.

If your Tiger needs to be out for three or more days, please get the absences approved by Mr. Swanson by submitting the Pre-Arranged Absence form.

Dismissal Changes

If your student will be going home in a different manner, please fill out the Student Transportation Changes form available in the Parent's Menu, or by selecting this link to the Student Transportation Changes form. To ensure that all staff involved have seen the change, please fill out the form by 2 hours before dismissal, preferably by 11:15am so that all may be easily notified. 
Any changes made after 3pm must be called into the TJ Office directly, at 703.248.5661.

Early Pick-up

In order to dismiss your child early, an adult must come to the front office to sign out the student. If the adult is not a parent, guardian, or emergency contact, prior notification to the front office is required. The adult will also need to provide picture identification to the front office staff. You will need to complete a couple of questions via our security system. A drivers license speeds up the process, but it is not required! 

Excused Absence

Absence and tardy for the following reasons will be excused:

  • Illness verified by parent/guardian or doctor. If the absence is longer than three days a doctor's note is required to be turned in to the attendance office.
  • Pre-arranged absences consistent with the regulation issued by Superintendent
  • Death in the family
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Doctor or dental appointment
  • Extreme family emergency
  • Suspension

Unexcused Absences

Absence and tardy for the following reasons will be unexcused:

  • Oversleeping
  • Missing the bus
  • Transportation problems
  • Absence with parent/guardian permission but for reasons not on the excused list
  • Non-school related activities
  • Working
  • Unapproved trips
  • Child care situations
  • Shopping

How to Pre-Arrange an Absences

Pre-arranged absences are consistent with the regulation issued by the Superintendent.

  • Absences of ONE or TWO consecutive days require at least 2 days advance notice to the attendance office. The note must state the reason(s) for absence.
  • Absences of THREE consecutive days or more requires administrative approval. A parent/guardian needs to submit a pre-approved absence form (PDF format) to the attendance office, or use the online form, as far in advance as possible, but NO LESS THAN THREE DAYS PRIOR TO THE ABSENCES.