Welcome to TJ Elementary School!

This page includes some basic information to get you started using your TJ computer.

Teachers’ Email Addresses 

Teacher and staff email addresses are generally in this format:   LastNameFirstInitial@fccps.org.   For example, JeffersonT@fccps.org.  Some teachers may also have a number in their email address.

TJ E-Learning Technology Support Form

If you are having a problem with your computer, please use this form to contact members of our Technology Team, who will help solve your problem.  

TJ Website information

The TJ website URL is https://tj.fccps.org

The Menu link provides access to all the areas on the website. 

The Events area at the bottom is the school calendar.

The Live Feed provides the latest news about the school division or the school.

TJ Technology

Select the Menu Link in the upper area of the website.  Then select TJ Technology to access basic overview information about using technology at TJ.

Tiger Links

Select the Menu Link in the upper area of the website. Then select Tiger Links to access all the applications that we use at TJ.

Other places for parents


Login Information

Each student is assigned a username that they will use for all their years at FCCPS.  This username is used to log into the computer.

Each student's Google account name is this username plus "@student.fccps.org".