School Supplies Information

2020-2021 School Supplies Information

Our PTA partnered with Sprout School Supplies this year to provide one stop back-to-school shopping for your student's school supplies for next year.

The Supply lists were created by each grade level team and supplied to Sprout to create the supply kits. You ARE NOT required to purchase these kits, the PTA coordinates this for your convenience. Please note that all students should bring a set of headphones (or earbuds); this item is an option when purchasing kits this year.
Select {this link} to order online at the Sprout website. Order by July 14, 2020. All kits will be delivered to TJ.

Supply Lists

Use the supply lists to shop for your school supplies. Brands are specified so that you may purchase the brand if you choose. Please purchase all items on the list. Please note that all students should bring a set of headphones (or earbuds).

View the supply lists for all grades by selecting the following links. Please note that Fourth and Fifth Grade has different items based on the student's last name.
Third Grade - English  Third Grade - Spanish
Fourth Grade - English  Fourth Grade - Spanish
Fifth Grade - English  Fifth Grade - Spanish

Required Personal Supplies

These supplies are required, but are NOT provided in the purchased kits.

  • Face Coverings
  • Art Shirt or Smock (all grades)
  • Emergency change of clothes (Third and Fourth Grades)
  • Backpack (no wheels, please).

Note: All money for classroom parties will be collected by the room parents.

Fifth Grade Summer Reading List

Select the following link to view the Google Docs version of the Fifth Grade summer reading list {Summer Reading List}. The books will be discussed in class, so take notes. A report is not required.